A CrowdFunded Balloon Powered By Handwritten  Gratitude

Let's Perpetuate Thankfulness

It is said that a hot air balloon is the vehicle of a thousand smiles. Throughout the life of one hot air balloon, thousands of people will see it in the sky, smile and bubble with inspiration.

The Thank You Balloon (or "T.Y.B.") will be a vehicle of a thousand thank you's - quite literally. More than a thousand  thank you notes inscribed into the artwork will create a lasting tribute to the recipients of our messages: it can be to front-line healthcare workers, but it doesn't have to be. It can be anyone who deserves a special note of appreciation. Just because we believe that gratitude should have no limitations, and no frontiers. 

Our mission is simple, to perpetuate happiness and thanks in a fun and unique way. Gratitude is contagious and we hope to fly it into the hearts of all look up and witness.

A Community Balloon For All

Since the Thank You Balloon Project is not-for-profit, the production costs of the balloon will be crowdsourced on Kickstarter, uniquely making it the first balloon to ever be built this way. In the spirit of crowdsourcing, the Thank You Balloon will have no one individual pilot or owner, but will be flown community to community by volunteers.

Thanks-givers, or donors, can support producing the T.Y.B. and even have their own message of gratitude ​inscribed for a small contribution. All which will go directly to supporting the production and flying of the balloon. 

The Thank You Balloon USA Tour

With the help of volunteer hot air balloon pilots and crew (pilots- learn more here!), we'll fly the Thank You Balloon all across communities in the USA, getting in front of and inspiring as many people as possible. We'll even take the T.Y.B. to the largest festivals in the world, like Albuquerque (NM, USA) and Grand Est Mondial in France. 

In addition to standard morning and evening flights by the pilots during the tour, we'll bring the balloon to public places, like parking lots of hospitals, grocery stores, or schools - so that TYB's inspiring story and message can be experienced in real life by as many people as possible.

You can follow the production and travels of the Thank You Balloon around the world by tuning into TYB's social channels and website. Videos and photos will be shared from each flight!

As part of our mission to spread a message of Gratitude to the world, our team will seek press and TV coverage on a constant basis. 

We hope you join us in this one of a kind adventure. If you would like to volunteer - click here. 


Thank You!

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