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Partner program for balloon operators and flight instructors

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It is simple, we want to support the community of balloon operators and flight instructors through those times of uncertainty, by encouraging them to apply for flying the Thank You Balloon. Flying this one of a kind balloon, might alone bring good karma to shine over your life and business, but for taking the most out of it, you will have to communicate about this effectively around you.

We recommend to carry on at least one public inflation, for example in front of a Hospital or at a school, inviting local media to share your story and the one of the Thank You Balloon, as a good example of how our ballooning community came together to crowdfund this balloon and to spread our gratitude message around us. It will be wonderful opportunity to thank your crew as well, your local authorities if you might find it convenient, the landowners in your area, and all customers that enjoyed a ride or a lesson with you in the past: and of course, remember them you are still there and happy to take them up in the sky again!

To further support our community and promote the sport of ballooning as a whole, we will build up a "Ballooning" page on our website, presenting to the public our sport, and a listing of all operators where to experience a ride, as well as a "Where to learn" page

listing all active flight instructors that adhere to our program.

We invite them to display our "We Fly with Gratitude" label on their website and social media.

But as gratitude should not be limited by anything, we would like to include in that listing all operators and instructors that ask us to do so, and that want to benefit from the visibility that this initiative might have towards the general public. We will however add a little "TYB"

logo in front of those operators that will engage in flying the Thank You Balloon. 

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