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  • Mike DeBellis

Calling All Parents and Teachers!

Great news... to assist our Kickstarter backers in filling the balloon with Gratitude, we're partnering with local schools and parents in France and the USA to share a mini art project with their kids!

Now young students and children can have their Thank You artwork flown in the sky in at least 2 continents! So far the messages produced from school near the alps in France has been wonderful.

The instructions are simple, create a thank you message on a standard size white piece of paper and either take a photo of it or scan and send it to It's open to any children ages 6-12 until November 12th.If you have a school you'd like to involve feel free to also send an email. We'll be visiting all participating schools along our cross Atlantic balloon tour!

Lastly, we're nearing production, if you haven't submitted your thank you notes please do so ASAP!

Thank you all!

Mike & Leandro

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