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Thank You! Grazie Mille! Merci!

To everyone who has supported the Thank You Balloon Project on our first day of launch, whether through financial backings or shares, thank you!

Since accepting the first heartfelt note from Corentin, a young gentleman in western France, we have no option but to fly it and therefore succeed in the fundraising goal.

Ballooning is a sport built on gratitude. We finish each flight with a gift to the landowner and a cheers thank you to the crew - then of course a trip to the local diner ;) Balloonists are some of the most universally loving and caring people we know. We are thankful for the 26 pilot volunteers who signed up to fly so far from all over the world.

Above all, The Thank You Balloon Project is nothing without people-to-people connection, and we thank you all for sharing your stories with us.

To the skies!

Team T.Y.B

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