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World, Meet The Thank You Balloon!

THANK YOU ALL!!! The Thank You Balloon is here!!!

Here's a toast to everyone involved, from our wonderful Kickstarter backers all over the globe, to the factory workers dealing with smaller teams due to covid, to the school teachers in both France and the USA involving their students best artwork - the Thank You Balloon is a product of YOUR love and support!!

We are overcome with emotion and gratitude for each and every one of you. The balloon has succeeded so far in inspiring at least us, to work harder than ever to spread the good news of gratitude with all who look up.

To our volunteer pilots, you will have a beautiful lightweight flying monument to share with the world. The next step is for you to inspire our communities with the joy, togetherness and love that only ballooning can bring.

Enjoy the photos, but these won't be the last! Our adventure is only now beginning.

PS: Backer certificates coming soon... Thank you for your patience!

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