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What can I write in my message?

Your Thank you message can be as wide and universal or as specific and targeted as you want, as long as it meets our simple guidelines.* 

Your Thank You message doesn't have to include religious, political, economical or commercial connotations

The "Thank You Balloon" project wants to foster fraternity among people, encouraging a more systematic exersice of gratitude among us all. It is as simple as that. We believe that by expressing our gratitude more often to the people around us, not only it will make them feel better, but will contribute to our positive karma and make our short trip on this planet a more pleasant experience. 

So, TYB will only carry messages from People to People (individuals or group). 

You can't Thank an institution (e.g. the NHS, a Hospital), but you can Thank the people working there. 

Otherwise, you can address pretty much who you want: your parents, husband, wife, sons, grandfather, friends, boss, crew members (ideal for balloonists!), collegues, team members, healthcare workers, neighgbours etc. 

Additionally, your message can be originated by you personally, or by a group of people, and it can be in any language!

*We reserve the right to refuse publishing messages that do not meet our guidelines above. 

Let's put it into practice: 

We, at "The Thank Balloon" and at FlyDOO, want to Thank You All for sharing our story and being part of this incredible adventure by supporting our project !

What do I get in exchange?

Well, at first a ton of positive karma, by becoming part of our extended "family" and by supporting us in bringing such a unique project to life. 

The person or persons you will addresse your message to, will been blown away by the originality of your action, and will feel special and extra-loved!

From a more practical point of view,  you will also receive a Backer's Certificate and a copy of your message printed on the same fabric used to produce the Thank You Balloon, so that you can forward it to the person(s) you are addressing the message to, explaining that the real message is flying on our real balloon!

You will encourage and stimulate gratitude, which is what we call the Thank You Chain.

Additionally, we will publish HQ pictures of all messages on this website, so that you can find yours and share the link with the people you want. 

Once this project comes to life thanks to your precious contribution, we will love to meet you at balloon festivals, so that we get to know each other and you will be able to touch and see  the TYB, and your very own "flying" message! 

For more details on our perks and available spaces, click here.

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