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Gratitude FLY 

Let's Keep Saying Thank You

Our mission is to perpetuate and inspire gratitude by flying a balloon inscribed with hundreds of handwritten thank you notes over towns and cities all across the globe. The Thank You Balloon project is not-for-profit, and is the first ever crowdfunded hot air balloon.

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TYB's life

Latest LIVE project update!

Quick facts about the 

The TYB is 65 ft tall and holds 77,000 cubic ft of air


It can carry from 2 to 4 persons on board depending on weight and conditions

The TYB is the first crowdfunded balloon ever

The TYB will carry more than 1,000 Thank You messages from people like you, printed on the envelope!

FlyDOO Balloons are completely foldable, ultralight and super-compact, making them ideal for travel, leisure and adventure flights!

FlyDOOs can be steered with an electric motor unit with propeller, called the VTU

Did you know that? The biggest balloon event in the world is Fiesta in Albuquerque, gathering one million visitors, hosting 600+ balloons, and is the most photographed event in the world!