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Write A Thank You on The Balloon!



The balloon is your canvas, be as creative as you wish with your message and design! You can handwrite one, draw it on the computer, or type it out - we'll transpose it onto the balloon.


If you're a Kickstarter supporter, you will receive a copy of your message on real balloon fabric (the same we use for the balloon!) to share with your intended recipient so they can see, touch and feel your gift!

We can send it to them for you!

spaces available for your messages

spaces available for your messages

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How To Craft Your Note and Submit it To The TYB Designers

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Creating a thank you note to be printed on the balloon is easy!

Follow these steps:

1. Create your message. You can handwrite, paint, draw it on the computer, or type it out - we'll transpose it onto the balloonIf you choose to hand write, paint or color your message (highly encouraged), please follow these basic requirements to ensure your thank you note is ready for printing on the balloon.

  • Use a thick 'medium' such as a marker or paint on A4 (8.5" x 11") white paper

  • Ensure the paper is oriented horizontal

  • Be creative!

  • Take a picture of your message with your smartphone. Use a well lit area, and make sure there are no shadows. *See below for examples.

2. Submit using the blue Submit Thank You button below.

If you ordered a quarter panel, half, or full panel you can also add an image if you would like.

Inspiration Gallery

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